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Finally, a full picture of me

Finally, a full picture of me

Yes, I am the Chairlady of Nigeria’s Single girls and I have no boyfriend. No thanks to all the pretty girls out there with big asses.
Rather than weep over my single status, I choose to laugh about it here, and I hope you do, too.

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Twitter is Naijasinglegirl
Facebook is Naijasinglegirl
God bless you for reading☺


37 thoughts on “My Profile

  1. the stuffs yo write here are really cool like i read this piece or write up wahevaa it is in a library and i busted into laffter and dey nearly pursue me…….now i cant help my curiosity like my mind needs a face to tag to this stories plzzzzzzz shw mee yur faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  2. How can I download this blog?I only read it through Linda ikeji’s blog from someone commenting.I think NSB is very interesting.pls tell me what to do.tnx


  3. Blown away by ur blog/diary. Read tru from inception till end,and now salivating for more. Bookmarked! Will definately spread d gud news!


  4. This is the best personal blog I have ever read. You are funnyy, sweet, beautiful soul,,,I can’t get enough. The guy that will end up with u will be the luckiest man in the universe. And hey, pls see ur email..I am interested in advertising with u


  5. Ur so good. I saw ur advert on llnda ( see you talking abt sueing someone, lInda will sue for advertising her blog) Am following u’ve gained another reader


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